5% of the world’s biodiversity.

We are not kidding when we say Costa Rica’s biodiversity is amazing. Experts from around the globe visit our country for research or travel. You’ll never run out of wildlife to see here!

No army, leading education.

Costa Rica has proudly boasted the absence of a military since 1948, after it was abolished to fund education programs and ensure a soaring 98% literacy rate.

99% run on renewable energies.

Hydropower, wind, geothermal energy, biomass, and solar, you name it! Costa Rica’s state owned power company ensures countrywide coverage with state-of-art technology. 

Happiest country on Earth.

Which should come as no surprise given everything this small Central American gem has to offer. Is it hard to believe? Come on down and see for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

First Fully Bilingual University in Costa Rica

Worried about your Spanish skills? No problem. All faculty members and staff speak English and you can take all of your courses in English.  If you choose to take courses in Spanish, you will be able to improve your language skills even more!

More than 18 Clubs and Organizations

From sports to innovation and leadership when you come to ULACIT you can be part of a diverse community with tons of activities and interests.

60 International Partnerships

We are true leaders in international education with exchange programs and visiting students from around the world, all year round. 

Unique Sustainable Program

The ULACIT Foundation owns and operates La Marta Wildlife Refuge in Cartago. It comprises 3.750 acres of exuberant tropical ecosystems, ready for exploration recreation and research activities.


 Study Abroad Services:

  1. Credit Transfer Study Abroad Program: undergraduate course enrollment for Spring, Summer or Fall Academic Periods for international exchange students and free mover international students. Course subjects include: Liberal Arts, Business Management, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, International Trade, Finance, Political Science, International Relations, Sustainability and Latin American Studies.
  2. Spanish Language Immersion Program offered throughout the year during every academic period.
  3. Short term study abroad academic programs for university groups in Sustainable Development Studies or International Business and Management: Covering 10 to 20 contact hours, plus site visits and tours.
  4. Faculty Led and Customized Study Abroad Programs.
  5. Customized academic programs for researchers and student groups at La Marta Wildlife Refuge.
  6. Gap-year Program, stay with a host family, tour and travel throughout Costa Rica and take Spanish Courses and Introductory Undergraduate Business or Latin-American Studies Courses.

University Profile:

The Latin American University of Science and Technology –ULACIT– is an innovative, enterprising and bilingual university leading higher education in the Central American region since 1987. 

ULACIT is ranked as the best private university in Costa Rica and the Central American region by the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) International University Rankings 2022, we have been ranked as the best private university in the country for twelve consecutive years.

ULACIT is a global campus, receiving international students mainly from Latin-America, Europe and North América, join us to experience the best study abroad experiences along with other international students in Costa Rica, one of the world’s top touristic destination, and at the best bilingual private university in the region.

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